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Term and conditions

Purchasing new keys

Term and conditions for purchasing new keys

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  • How much does a new key cost?
    The price for a new key varies depending on the locking system and can be provided upon ordering (prices range from approximately 300 DKK to 700 DKK). . The amount will be charged with your rent. If you have lost one or more keys, it will require a change of your locks, at the latest when moving out. The price for a conversion is approximately DKK 3,000-5,000 including a new set of keys. *

  • Who can order a new key?
    New keys can only be ordered by the registered tenants whose name appears on the lease. We will check with our administrative system to make sure, you are the rightful tenant, before we confirm and place the order.

  • When and where do I receive my new key?
    The expected delivery time is one to two weeks from the time we confirm the order via email. You are to collect the key at Heimstaden’s office, unless otherwise agreed. In case you do not have the option to pick up the key yourself, you must complete and sign a power of attorney to the person who collects the key on your behalf.

*Please note: If you have lost other personal belongings at the same time as the key, on which your address appears, we recommend to replace the cylinder immediately. If you want the cylinder replaced, please contact our customer service on tel: +45 33 75 10 10 or via MinBolig. Payment for cylinder change will be charged with your rent.