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Relocation costs

According to relocation webpage, there are the following charges that can be applied to the deposit:
1 Maling af vægge (painting walls)
2 Maling af lofter (painting ceilings)
3 Maling af træværk (painting wood?)
4 Maling af vinduer (painting windows)
5 Finslibning af gulv (polishing the floor)
6 Rengøring (cleaning)
7 Pudsning af vinduer (Window polishing)

Do all of these apply to each apartment?
Does Maling af træværk mean painting floor after sanding it? There are no other wooden surfaces in our apartment.
What are the prices for Finslibning, Mellemslibning, Fuldslibning per m2 correspondingly?
What is Maling af vinduer? Do windows have to be painted differently than the walls?

Thank you in advance!

, Oprettet: 13. may 2020, kl. 17:09
  • Hi Luliia

    Thank you for your question.

    On our website we have listed all the things to remember and consider when you move out. You can find it here:
    Most of your questions are found on the above link.

    Firstly the guide that we have made on our website is a standard version for all our properties but depending on where you live, there may be less or more to pay attention to. The exact things you have to consider will always be included in the contract.

    The key is to leave the apartment in the same condition it was in when you moved in.

    The prices for the floors are all indicative and can also be found on the above link.

    They are indicative as it is all about what condition the accommodation is in when you move and transfer the apartment to us. We cannot offer a more accurate price without having seen the condition of the floor, wich we will on the day of transfer.

    Lastly the color code for the different surfaces are also found on the link above. As there is a difference off gloss between wall and window panels.

    I hope this helped you. Please contact us here:, if you need us to answer more specific questions about your apartment.
    HeimstadenRegitze - KundeservicekonsulentBesvaret: 14. May 2020, kl. 20:55

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