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Resident Survey

Many thanks for all your input!

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Approximately 6,000 residents have responded to Heimstaden Danmark’s resident survey – we are very grateful for that.

We use the results to see where we are doing well and where we can do a little better.

In 2023, Heimstaden reached 20,000 rental homes in Denmark – spread across over 400 properties throughout the country: apartment buildings, terraced houses, and single houses.

After a couple of hectic growth and restructuring years for Heimstaden Danmark, we have focused on organizing ourselves and standardizing and strengthening our resident services across the country from the summer of 2022 to the summer of 2023.

Fortunately, we can see that you have also noticed this: especially when it comes to your perception of our service level and profile, we have made significant progress in the survey. We are, of course, happy about that.

However, there are also areas where you tell us that we can improve our processes and service.

Read about some of the initiatives we are focusing on below.

Heimstaden's Resident Survey 2023

Friendly Homes

At Heimstaden, we work every day to create the best conditions for you as a resident – both inside and outside your home.

In addition to ongoing projects to ensure maintenance on the properties, we continually develop new solutions that can contribute to excellent resident service, new digital solutions that can make everyday life smoother, and initiatives that can promote the green transition and fulfill social responsibilities.

At the same time, we are focused on how you encounter us in everyday life – whether digitally, over the phone, at our offices, or on the property.

We have a vision to enrich and simplify lives through Friendly Homes.

Read more about Friendly Homes here (use translate function).

Accessibility and Follow-Up

It’s important to us that our residents feel taken seriously. While 73% of you experience this, we want to bring the remaining 27% into the green zone as well.

Even if we don’t always agree on certain matters, you should always have the feeling of being taken seriously. 

Therefore, in the coming year, we will focus on:

  • Increasing general information about what is happening in and around the property.
  • Strengthening  communication with residents when resolving  snags or defects, including better alignment of expectations.
  • Setting clearer requirements and expectations for our external craftsmen and service providers.
  • Being more visible on the properties through dialogue meetings, resident events, and our new initiative, HeimDay, where Heimstaden’s employees will visit several properties in the spring.

Learn more about Heimstaden’s Friendship Universe here.

Focus on Digital Presence

At Heimstaden, we aim to be accessible when the need arises. Therefore, we have replaced our previous telephone system, introduced a new damage service in East Denmark, and today, a remarkable 85% of our residents use MinBolig (my home), which three out of four of you rate as good or very good.

More than 77% of respondents say that reporting snags and defects is easy, and we have reduced our average phone waiting time to under three minutes.

We have also worked on refreshing the content on Heimstaden’s Help Center, where you can easily search for general questions and answers. This has resulted in an 800% increase in the number of visits.

In the coming year, we will continue our efforts to provide easy access to digital solutions that you can use at your convenience and ensure that you find relevant content. 

Additionally, we will focus on creating more tips and guides for practical matters in your home.

Visit Heimstaden’s Help Center here.

Strengthening Customer Communication

An area that we have focused on for several years is timely resident information at eyelevel; both in terms of general information and what is happening at the property.

We have made significant progress in this year’s survey, but you also tell us that we can do even better. Therefore, we will continue some of the initiatives already underway and follow up with new ones.

These efforts include:

  • Dialogues with properties where residents are particularly in need of more information – to hear what we can do better or perhaps just differently.
  • Increasing general information about what is happening at the property.
  • Creating special information materials in connection with moving out, which you can find on the resident page (where you can also find information about contracts and moving in).
  • Developing guides and help videos related to your home.
  • Supporting dialogue with individual properties through resident councils.

Learn more about resident councils and representatives here.

Neighbourliness and New Construction

When many residents move into new construction at the same time, it takes some time for the property and the residential area to “settle in,” and neighbourliness to flourish.

Therefore, we will create special information materials for residents moving into new construction.

We will also host resident events six to nine months after moving in (excluding winter months), where we can address the issues that matter on the property – and hopefully foster a strong community and good neighbourliness.

Learn more about Heimstaden’s properties here.

How We Measure Customer Satisfaction

We continuously measure customer satisfaction among Heimstaden’s residents. It is an important tool for ensuring that we meet the product and service levels we aim to offer.
On our corporate website, you can learn more about how we work with resident services – and see the results from the countries where we operate.