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Resident Survey

Many thanks for all your input!

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Well over 5,000 residents have answered Heimstaden’s resident survey 2022 – we are happy and grateful for that!

2021-2022 has been a transition year for Heimstaden Danmark, a year where we have grown to twice the size in terms of number of housing units. This has meant that we have had to readjust and reorganize ourselves on and around our properties all over the country.

In addition, in the spring of 2022 we experienced major technical challenges with our telephone system – This meant that we switched providers to TDC on 1 July, and since then incoming calls luckily have gotten through on the phones. It is clear from the residents’ answers in the survey that it is something that has created frustration – which we fully understand. And it is an area in which we have a kean focus on raising satisfaction.

The new telephone system is well helped along by the resident portal MinBolig, which we rolled out  throughout the country during spring. This means shorter waiting times,when the residents have a query or a snag or defect in the home. With MinBolig, the inquiry goes directly to the right employee, who can get the help started quickly.

On the positive side, you are really satisfied with the service you get, when our service technicians remedy the problems in the home. We are very happy to see that!

We can also see that the neighborhood thrives in the finest way on and around our properties – this contributes to security and community and is therefore something we value very highly.


Heimstaden's Resident Survey 2022

Friendly Homes

At Heimstaden, we work every day to create the best environment for you as a resident – both inside and outside your home.

In addition to our ongoing projects for ensuring maintenance on the properties, we continuously develop new solutions that can contribute to good resident service, new digital solutions for making everyday life smoother and initiatives that will contribute to a green transition.

Among other things, in 2022 we’ll launch our own resident app, My Home (pilot in 2021), just as we are rolling out charging stations on the first 27 properties, as well as offers to install charging stations for rental homes with their own driveway.

Focus properties

We have identified a number of properties where there is a need for increased focus and special efforts. This could be for a number of reasons, such as the condition of the property, factors relating to the immediate area, a boost of the general living experience, or other special challenges relating to operations and maintenance.

Residents in these properties will be contacted directly.

Of course, our efforts at improvement will not stop with the focus properties. The resident survey is an important starting point for some planned improvements to be carried out across all our properties – both operational and ongoing projects.


Improved communications with residents

We are continuously looking at how we can improve communication in several ways, including:

  • General information about what’s happening at a property
  • Warnings and alerts about upcoming work in apartments or at the property
  • Information in connection with moving in, so as to make things smoother rather than just providing information about Heimstaden’s services.

Assistance with resident representation

We have had some great experiences both with the properties which have established their own formal residents’ representation, as well as those which have created a more informal residents’ council. This has allowed some good dialogue to occur, provided dynamism, and improved the general level of communication between residents and ourselves as the letting company.

For these reasons, our property administrators will be happy to guide you through the process of forming your own representation or council.

You can also read this article (in Danish only), which explains the difference between the two types of resident association.

ikon-service technician

What we have done in the past

  • Improved living environments:
    We regularly carry out renovations and refurbishments to improve both the internal and external living environment at Heimstaden’s properties around the country. In 2021, we have among other things focused on water installations and fire protection as well as general maintenance of the properties’ roofs, facades, basements, etc.
  • Permanent teams assigned to properties:
    We’ve changed our internal organisation to ensure greater permanency of teams dealing with properties in terms of administration, operational services and rental. This means that we’ll accrue more in-depth knowledge of each property across the whole chain – and this will be reflected in the work on and around the properties.
  • Hjemmeliv – a magazine for new tenants:
    In January 2021, we were able to launch the first printed magazine for residents, Hjemmeliv, which we publish once a year. The magazine is sent to all new tenants. Read the magazine online here.

  • Heimstaden 24-hour service:

    With this, you only need to remember one number to get in touch with us. This applies regardless of whether you contact us during our regular opening hours or if you have an urgent problem outside of these hours.

  • Extended customer service team during working hours:
    Heimstaden’s customer service team has been enhanced on both the digital front as well as in terms of employees, so we are even better equipped to answer enquiries from you as a resident and ensure we provide the fastest possible solution to your issue. 

  • Service technicians for all properties:
    To ensure the best possible service we are in the process of allocating permanent service technicians to all properties. In future, these caretakers will keep a close eye on the properties, giving residents the best possible support. 

    You’ll always be able to recognise a Heimstaden service technician by their branded clothing and car.