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Discount on your home insurance

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Get peace of mind in your daily life with a home insurance

Ensuring our customers feel safe and secure in our buildings and their homes is a priority for Heimstaden. 

With Tryg’s home insurance you are protected in the event of damage after events such as water– and weather damage, fire, vandalism or break-ins – both at home and away from your home.  

As a tenant at Heimstaden, you get access to a range of resident benefits at Tryg: 

You get a 15% discount on your home contents insurance* – and get extra coverages included in the package at no extra cost: free access to Tryg Medical Hotline, Tryg Relatives and Tryg in Life (read more below). 

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*Only valid for new Tryg customers  

If you are already a customer at Tryg, you can take advantage of the Tryg Bike Benefit offer, which normally only comes with Tryg Super – here you can choose between an Abus folding lock, rear reflector with GPS tracker or a permanently mounted alarm box on your bike.

Tryg Home Insurance

With a home insurance, you are always covered for water and weather damage, theft and vandalism, as well as fire – both at home and away from your home. 

Tryg also ensures to cover your liability and legal aid. And if you are in an acute vulnerable situation, you and your family can get access to crisis help.

– Read more (in Danish). 

Beboerfordel - Heimstaden - Tryg Lægehotline

Tryg Medical Hotline

Tryg Medical Hotline lets you connect with a Danish doctor, when your regular doctor is closed.  

Via mobile device or computer, you get access to consultancy regarding everything from eczema and insect bites to fever and ear pain – also evenings and weekends. 

Read more (in Danish).

Beboerfordel - Heimstaden - Tryg Pårørende

Tryg Relatives

Help for you, so you can help another: With Tryg Relatives, you as a relative to a sick person can get help and support in a stressful time. 

For example, get help navigating the healthcare system, applying for aids, and get access to the possibility of purchasing extra home help and home care. 

– Read more (in Danish).

Beboerfordel - Heimstaden - Tryg i Livet

Tryg in Life

Tryg in Life is a hotline where you can call anonymously and for free to get help if life doesn’t go as expected. 

Perhaps you’re having trouble making ends meet in your daily life? Or your children are not thriving? With Tryg in Life, you get access to professional support when the need arises. 

– Read more (in Danish).

Become part of the Tryg Family – and get Tryg’s member bonus

Tryg is the largest non-life insurer in Scandinavia. 

As a customer at Tryg, you are also a member of TryghedsGruppen, the largest shareholder of Tryg, which funds TrygFonden (Tryg Foundation). 

The membership provides you with a unique possibility to access TryghedsGruppen’s bonus scheme: typically between five and eight percent of the total price of your insurances from the previous year. 

There are no obligations linked with being a member.